Hotel Renovation

On Monday, the team from Design Interiors made their way down to an old hotel in Brighton to begin the large amount of work that needs to be done in order to turn this empty former hotel in to a series of luxury apartments.

Having been closed for 5 years, the former hotel was in dire need of some serious work, and we’ve begun by fitting new wardrobes and kitchens to what will become the luxury penthouses, as well as other apartments on the 4th floor. The kitchens will have three separate colour schemes throughout the building, and the fitted wardrobes will have different textures throughout. We’ve been working extremely hard on this project for months already, and we’re glad to have started. This will be one of the biggest commercial contracts that Design Interiors has ever taken on, and we’re excited to be given this opportunity.

Design Interiors will be turning this former hotel in to 50 new luxury apartments, almost all of which will have excellent sea views, with some also featuring large terraces. The local property developer will also be extending some of the terraces to give people in the apartments more outdoor space. The extremely dated period features you can see in the image gallery below will all be updated to give a crisp, sleek, and modern feel.

We are extremely pleased with our progress so far, even though we’re only a week in to the actual building work. We are expecting to have this project finished by Spring 2019, with the apartments up for rent by Summer.  Make sure to stay up to date with our blog for more details on this exciting contract!



Michael Rogers