Traditional Kitchens


Tradition Lives On

A traditional kitchen reflects the outside world. Natural shapes and wood grain are key aspects that combine with lighter colours to give a distinctly European feel. Design Interiors can take tradition and make it personal to you.

Davonport has worked with Design Interiors for many years now and we are continually impressed by their design, service and project management. As a bespoke kitchen manufacturer we pride ourselves on creating kitchens of exceptional quality founded in our passion for luxury kitchen furniture. We therefore endeavour to work exclusively with like-minded companies, Design Interiors are undoubtedly one such company.
— Richard Davonport, Davonport Kitchens

“Our team of excellent designers will work with you and get to know exactly what you are looking for. They will develop a great understanding of your lifestyle in order to create the perfect kitchen for you.”


“A kitchen is more than just a practical space”